Men And Health Watch

Women they say make very meticulous and disciplined patients. Doctors are normally happy treating women because they take their responsibility as a patient very seriously and tend to follow the doctor’s advice. Men on the other hand are known to be stubborn and not serious until and unless it hits them hard and de-capacitates them in some way. This could be very true and natural for women to be obedient because they go through various biological and psychological processes in one life time. From puberty , menstrual cycle to delivery and menopause, women go through various conditions and seek medical assistance. Besides their health, they are also responsible for the health of their children. Women are also the care givers for the other people in the family when they fall sick or look after senior citizens. This then makes them more aware of health issues than men.

Men too undergo andropause which is similar to the menopause faced by women. The symptoms are the same as those faced by women and range from fatigue, irritability, nervousness, anxiety to depression etc. They suddenly find themselves physically weak and their body begins to look flabby losing its firmness. More importantly many men lose interest in sex and many more face the problem of erectile dysfunction. No man would ever like to be called impotent. This is one thing that he dreads the most. Therefore when faced with erectile dysfunction problem, it is likely that he feels as if the sky has fallen on his head.

When you look at the total percentage of men who see medical attention for erectile dysfunction and other problems causing impotence, you will find that the percentage of men facing ED problem due to their age related andropause is relatively smaller than the rest. This means there are other risk factors that affect or cause ED in men apart from the andropause as a natural aging condition.

The urban lifestyle today is said to be containing major risk factors causing impotence in younger men. Apart from age related condition, stress, anxiety, nervousness coupled with a sedentary life and drinking as well as eating junk food and non vegetarian food is said to contribute to the lifestyle health problems such as diabetes, hyper tension etc. All of these conditions are said to cause erectile dysfunction in men.

Most men are not aware of this fact that they lifestyle could be a factor responsible for the erectile dysfunction. It is only when they face the problem and understand that their impotence can seriously threaten their personal relationship and happiness in life that they will be prompted to seek professional medical services for finding a cure. In some cases when men are not aware of the causes of erectile dysfunction are likely to go and seek the OTC drugs such as Viagra etc believing that they can cure them of the problem. These and other aphrodisiac drugs provide temporary relief and not permanent cure. Not many are also aware of the fact that cigarette smoking and drinking alchohol is injurious to health and continue indulging in these habits for decades only to find themselves declared impotent. Lack of exercise and the sedentary life too is said to cause erectile dysfunction in men.

Apart from the lifestyle risks, there are several psychological factors associated with the modern day lifestyle that are said to cause erectile dysfunction in men. Stress, depression, anxiety and tensions cause havoc with the internal system and blood circulation.

It is time that men paid attention to themselves and their health to avoid such major problems and face their implications.