A short review about the Cialis

It may be possible that you are familiar with the use of numbers of health diseases treatment on the basis of your past experience. Some health diseases like cough, fever, nausea and flu have become so much common health diseases that their treatment is already known by many people. People do not consult to their doctor and start taking medication on the basis of the previous knowledge. Some people get success in treating the health problem because of the less severity of health disease. On the other side, many people become the victim of new medical diseases due to the wrong use of medicines. Due to this conflicting situation, doctors advise their patients to take professional help rather than treating the medical disease on the basis of own knowledge. A professional doctor remains available for treating the health diseases of people. The doctor considers many things before recommending a medicine to his patient. Contrary to this, the person does not know which things should be considered while starting a medication. This is a general thing that has been noticed and it was necessary to mention here so that people can avoid maximum health diseases.

This article will give you knowledge about a medicine whose generic name is tadalafil. Cialis is the brand name under which it is sold in many medical stores. In some countries, it is being made by other pharmaceutical company so those companies have given it the other names (Tadacip, Tadalis, Apcalis, Tadora, Erectalis, Megalis, Forzest). Why people take Cialis? In some cases, the blood flow through the vessels becomes low and it becomes necessary for the blood to increase its flow. In this situation, cialis medicine helps the patient in increasing it. The working of Cialis is very easy to understand. When a patient swallows a pill of cialis, it relaxes the blood vessels muscles and thus it becomes easy for the blood to pass through the vessels. The man who is a victim of erectile dysfunction needs high flow rate before the sexual activity. By using this tablet, the man gets penile erection and completes his sexual intercourse with an erected penis. We all know that penis has primary importance in sexual activity and no male can think about satisfactory sex without getting penis erection. The use of cialis also increases the erection time so those people who have premature ejaculation problem can also take it and can enjoy the sex with their partners.

Side effects are considered the part of every medicine and they only become active when the male does not take it as per doctor’s prescription. Some less common and common side effects of tadalfil or cialis are given below:

• Ringing in ears and sudden loss of hearing

• Irregular heartbeat

• Changes in vision and sometimes vision loss

• Heavy feeling or chest pain, nausea, sweating and pain in shoulders and arms

• Convulsions

• Swelling in feet and hands, shortness of breath

• Priapism (erection that lasts longer)

These are some common side effects and you must try your level best to avoid them.